Opening up to remote workers

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Being a predominantly internet based industry, remote teams are becoming more and more common across the globe – but from personal experience it’s UK based agencies that seem wary of committing to having employees based anywhere else but the office.

So, what is stopping agencies from employing across the nation?

There are endless programs and apps to help the whole team keep in touch (campfire and Hipchat to name just a couple). I know there’s no communal team get togethers around the a table tennis table or the quick ‘can you take a look’ questions the the guy next to you – but that’s only going to be a good thing right? no easy distractions?

Let’s look at the positives

Studies show that remote workers tend to log more hours and are more engaged. Also there is the issue of wages, we’ll take London based agencies for example. To employ from in and around the city the wage is going to be a much higher expectancy than that of someone (like myself) living further up north where living costs are substantially lower than the major cities.

Surely, it’s also, only going to open up the pool of creative talent for recruiting – You’ll have the choice of whoever want to apply rather than keeping it within a commutable distance or have people unable to relocate. Yes, employing people you can’t watch over every day might be different and slightly daunting for an employer but it’s also based on trust. Trust is a big factor in this argument.

To conclude

I’m not saying teams should never meet – I still think it’s important to get together here and there to have some face-to-face interaction. But I for one think more agencies need to start embracing remote employees that little bit more.

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