What is A/B testing and how dows it help UX? A/B testing for web design is quite simply what it says in the title – testing the design of version A (the current design) against version B (a new design or alteration). Splitting the site traffic to the separate layouts, then measuring the metrics you want to change, analyse which layout performs better and overall increases the UX. When to test A/B testing can be used when you feel it is required – there’s not really a right or wrong time and is more…Continue Reading “A/B testing for a better UX”

User Experience (UX) design is key to engaging your user, helping to fully immerse them with your site or app and ultimately your product or service you sell.  In this post, I give 5 simple ways you can improve UX on your site. 1. Don’t be un-contactable There are plenty of websites I’ve been on in the past that simply need to include some sort of contact information, whether it’s an email address or phone number that are easy to locate. Although forms are a great…Continue Reading “5 easy ways to improve UX on your site”