Being a predominantly internet based industry, remote teams are becoming more and more common across the globe – but from personal experience it’s UK based agencies that seem wary of committing to having employees based anywhere else but the office. So, what is stopping agencies from employing across the nation? There are endless programs and apps to help the whole team keep in touch (campfire and Hipchat to name just a couple). I know there’s no communal team get togethers around the a table tennis…Continue Reading “Opening up to remote workers”

As I roam blogs and twitter, one debate I see cropping up continually is the discussion: ‘Should designers code?’ It’s a question that pops up all the time and there are people who make a valid point for and against. Let’s put it bluntly, you’re a designer at a top agency, you have front end guys to slice and code and the back end developers to work their magic. You don’t need to code, right? From my personal experience, I feel that’s the wrong mentality…Continue Reading “Should a Designer Know How to Code?”