Over the years of being a web designer, I have tried and tested countless apps and products for design, productivity, and workflow – here’s what I’m running on a daily basis since I became a freelance web designer. Communication Email Client I’ve tried so many email clients and never really liked one enough to stick with it longer than a few months max. Recently I had been using polymail on both mac and iOS – but I found it too buggy and unreliable on the…Continue Reading “Web Designer Toolkit”

Looking back 5 years, day dreaming about going freelance, I genuinely never thought I’d have the guts to do it. But here I sit. Just over 7 months (yes this post has been sitting here for a month or so) since I became a full-time freelance UI designer. Happier than I have been for a long time. The day I made my final decision to hand in my notice to my employer, I had my doubts about a few things. Some the same as I…Continue Reading “6 months of being a Freelance UI Designer”