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As I've already mentioned, my name is Joe Rutland, a designer specialising in web and user interface design. I live and work in Blackpool on the North West coast of the UK. But this is by no means my bounderies. Working with clients stretching across the globe from America to Australia I strive for pixel perfection on every project I undertake.

When I'm not pushing pixels you could very well find me riding my road bike, I love bikes.

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Web & User Interface Design Work

BucketLoad Web & Mobile app Design

  • User interface web app work screenshot for BucketLoad app
  • UI for web app on iPad

Working closely with Big Sea Design from Florida, USA I was tasked with the designfor the UI of a web app that would help to change the way field fruit picking was tracked, live from the field. The design for the web app was data heavy and would collate all the live information being inputted from the mobile app. The layout needed to be clear and easy to navigate.

Web Design and Dashboard UIs for Hotel Haggle

  • Web design view on the Hotel Haggle homepage
  • Web design view on the Hotel Haggle homepage

Hotel Haggle was a personal project with two other co-founders. I was lead on the design of the whole project and with high interest in the product, and fantastic feedback on the design of the site all was nearly set to hit the market, but due to some unforseen issues the site was unable to ever go live. But still a project I really enjoyed designing creating the UI for.